• Beate Klotz

Early Christmas Anyone?

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Welcome to my blog page. I hope to add a few interesting snapshots in to what I'm up to, as well as give you a few tips in making your own things via these blog pages, so do come back and check in again.

I’m currently working on making miniature Christmas items in June!! It takes months to create enough for a show so I thought I should start early.

Naked new born gnomes

Advent gnomes

Have also been trying to make a scotty dog door stop ; currently on attempt 3. I have very harsh critics at home and the ones I’ve made already haven’t past quality control ( the kids).

Weather dreadfully dark and gloomy, good job I have daylight bulbs or I couldn’t see a thing.

Time to tidy again , as I can’t see through the mess. Where have I put the pattern pieces for the dog?

Enjoy the pics . More to come later

Hairy Gnomes

Early Scotties - subject to updates ....


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