Unique Dolls House Minatures

Kleine Artchin designs and creates unique handmade dolls house miniatures to show at exhibitions as well as making one-off custom pieces for customers. Browse our shop to discover our current selection, or use the contact form to make a request for something you would like to see.


I create most of my miniatures from paper and they are all hand made by me.


Currently I attend Kensington Dolls House festival in May and Miniatura in October. (See blog or exhibitions for the latest dates).


I have just started writing projects again for Dolls House World magazine and used to write projects for the Dolls House magazine.

As my main passion is in designing and creating one off unique items I look forward to any kind of request from you and it doesn’t need to be made from paper. I can create things from wood, fabric, clay, Fimo and I knit in mini too.


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